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no simple highway

May. 21st, 2015

09:34 pm - Want a table saw?

I have this fine Craftsman Professional 10" hybrid cabinet table saw going begging. It has served me well for over 10 years; I built my kitchen cabinets and a bunch of other stuff with it, but it's time to upgrade and I only have room for one table saw. Yes, it comes with a blade and a miter gauge. Shopbuilt fold-down outfeed table comes with it if you want. Toolbox, scrap wood and general clutter doesn't. :-) I'd like to get a little for it, but I want it out of my shop more. The top is about 3'x2'; the fence rails stick out about another foot on either side.

Feb. 22nd, 2015

12:42 am - ski trip interruptus

So back in September, which is when one needs to do these things, I made reservations for a 3-day stay at Smugglers' Notch for me and the kidlets for the tail end of February vacation. Signed Squiggle up for their all-day ski school camp program, because trying to ski with both kids in the afternoon (Ben having a morning lesson) wasn't going to work, since Ben was going to want to ski on trails commensurate with his ability level, which is definitely no longer the bunny slope. That program required kids to be potty trained, which I blithely assumed he would be by then.

Around New Year's, at gosling's suggestion, I switched Squiggle to their childcare-with-skiing program, because he still wasn't using the potty with any consistency. He's technically too old for it (it's for 0-3), but they were fine with making an exception.

One of the perhaps surprising effects of the rather snowy winter we've had is that I had not managed to go skiing at all until this weekend. January tends to be horribly busy between New Year's, Ben's birthday and Arisia, and after Arisia, either we had something else planned or it was horribly cold and/or blizzarding. I planned one day to take Squiggle to Nashoba to introduce him to skiing, but he insisted he didn't want to.

I'd been concerned about the forecast for the weekend, because Friday (our first ski day) was supposed to be pretty cold. I'd gotten Ben a face mask that he said he liked when he tried it on briefly at home, but when we headed out Friday morning, it kept falling off his face and he said he hated how it felt (the problem he'd had with the mask he'd had before; kid has some sensory issues), so I put it in my pocket and hoped he wouldn't be too miserable in ski school.

Smuggs has kind of a split personality; the resort aspect of it is very family-oriented, with lots of kid-focused services and activities and excellent child care and ski school. All of that is at the Morse Mountain part of the place; from there you can ski over to the main ski area which is this old-fashioned kind of place where the base lodge and lifts haven't been updated since the place was built sometime in the 60s. I'd been there once before, when I was 5, and there was a surprising amount that I remembered. The main area has some wide cruisers and a lot of really steep and difficult trails and glades. Having not been skiing in a year and not biked in a month, I took it kind of easy, but didn't have a whole lot of fun. It was brutally, horribly cold and windy on the upper mountain; even with glove liners my hands were freezing. I think it might have been the coldest temperatures I've ever skied in. And with their old, slow lifts, I only got in three runs before I had to go fetch Ben from ski school (at resorts with modern high-speed lifts I can do more like 10 runs).

And when I came back to get Ben, it turned out that he had been completely awful in ski school. I was pretty surprised, because he's almost always done excellently in ski school but it was clear that the cold made him utterly unable to cope. They were very nice about it, but weren't willing to have him in the group lessons again and recommended I sign him up for their adaptive program, where he gets his own coach and they ski independently or with the group depending how he's doing. I was really pleased that they had this, and made the arrangements over lunch, to the tune of another $200 of course. Ben wasn't going out again for love or money, so after a longer-than-expected lunch I left him in our unit with the iPad and his books and went skiing again. Only managed one more run before I had to come back and get Squiggle from childcare.

He, of course, had a fine time, and the staff told me he'd been drawing pictures and giving them to the other kids. Also did a little skiing, as it turned out, on their tiny little slope in the play yard that's maybe 20 feet long with 2 feet of vertical, with its very own conveyor-belt lift. (They had assured me that they only took the kids out skiing if they wanted to, and if he didn't ski they'd refund the difference between the with-skiing program and the no-skiing program.)

I'd brought pizza makings but no sheet pan, and of course the condo didn't have one. Called guest services and they sent one over, which it turned out didn't fit in the tiny little oven. Managed to put it on the top rack with the oven door only stuck open a little.

Went to the Fun Zone after dinner, which has bouncy castles and inflatable slides and all that stuff (see abover re: family-oriented). Had a fine time, though Squiggle was being a bit of a handful, for about 15 minutes. Then he threw up. Not a lot, but obviously he couldn't stay there, and getting both kids out of there when they'd just gotten there and were having a great time was... not easy. And they were both completely obnoxious for the rest of the evening. Didn't help that I hadn't brought enough for them to do because I'd been assuming they'd spend most of the evenings at the Fun Zone.

Saturday morning it was almost as cold and a good bit windier, and Squiggle still wasn't feeling well. Decided to cut our losses and go home. They very kindly cancelled the last day of our package, and we packed up and headed out.

I'd love to go back to Smuggs again, but not with the kids until they're skiing at my level or the place gets faster lifts. And next year we're going to figure out a different arrangement, either Squiggle stays home or gosling comes with us, because soloing both kids on a jaunt like this was really stressful.

Sep. 10th, 2014

06:06 pm - Breastpump Hack-a-thon!

gosling, call your office.

Jan. 2nd, 2014

10:51 pm - where I slept

Once again, doing this meme to make other people's entries look interesting by comparison.

Somerville, MA
Boston, MA
Lewiston, ME
Carrabassett Valley, ME

(well, and very nearly East Bumblesnort, VT, but we managed to get home that night.)

Jun. 28th, 2013

10:21 am - borrow rain boots?

Anyone have a pair of kid size 7 or 8 rain boots that Squiggle can borrow for the weekend? The ones he has leak, and we've another pair that's size 9 and too big. Found!

Jun. 21st, 2013

10:54 am - just went up a generation

As of last night I'm a great-uncle (well, step-great-uncle by marriage). Only slightly freaked about that.

Apr. 23rd, 2013

11:35 am - Alors, la France!

Comme le dit rmd, BIENVENUE À LA FÊTE!!!

Feb. 7th, 2013

06:50 am - Ski rack?

I don't suppose anyone here has a car ski rack (the kind that clamps onto a factory roof rack) kicking around that they'd like to either lend me or let go for cheap.

Jan. 9th, 2013

10:35 pm - A closer view of the cake

I seem to have gotten into making ridiculous cakes. Oh dear.Collapse )
I used this recipe (hugely recommended), doubled, with raspberry filling and Swiss buttercream frosting. Ben wanted a blue Lego, but that's as blue as it got, probably because the buttercream was already kind of yellowish.

Feb. 27th, 2012

12:34 pm - New job!

This week is my last week at NIKSUN (née Sandstorm). Two weeks from today I start at Endeca in Kendall Square, which just got eaten by Oracle. I'll be getting some stuff done around the house that week, getting some all-too-rare time with gosling, and hopefully doing some skiing.


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